::. What is multilevel Marketing?

It is to generate through a group of people (which is also supported by teamwork), the search for common goals based on responsibility, honesty and commitment.

The goal is financial freedom based on solidarity

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::. What is Multilevel Marketing for me personally?

Fundamentally generate solidarity awareness, rewarding teamwork

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::. How do I generate the network?

By joining the team at Eco Agripina (group), we will provide you with all the information necessary for the development of your activity (generating more equipment), as well as answering the people interested in our activity, all questions that you do not know.or that your LEADER may not be familiar.

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::. That I have to do?

Access through a franchise (Membership of US $ 7). Inform me, be restless, promote good habits, know everything about the company to promote it perfectly, either through the Internet (ONLINE) or through meetings (OFFLINE).

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::. Can I get money by participating in ECO AGRIPINA?

It will depend on you (what is called SUCCESS). But they always have to pay you for your work.

If you want to do a business through the opportunity offered by this type of Marketing. YES, you will get money.

We offer you 500% more on your investment, as many times as you want

You have doubts ? : Go to our BLOG : https://blog.ecoagripina.com/informative-blog/

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